Schütz: The Christmas story; Gabrieli (G): Motets

Schütz: The Christmas story; Gabrieli (G): Motets

The King's Consort, Robert King (conductor)


But within a year of matriculating (in 1608), Schütz was given a generous grant by the Landgrave of Moritz to study with Giovanni Gabrieli, a ‘widely famed but rather old musician and composer’. Schütz remarked that he should ‘not miss the chance to hear him and learn something from him’ and, much against the will of his parents, he made the journey to Venice. There he received three years of rigorous training from Gabrieli, forming a close friendship and great admiration for his distinguished teacher. After Gabrieli’s death in 1612 Schütz returned to Germany, resolving to ‘keep to myself the good foundations that I had now laid in music … until I had refined them further still’. After some political wrangling between Moritz and the Elector of Saxony Schütz was appointed Kappellmeister at the Elector’s court in Dresden, and he abandoned his planned career as a lawyer, though he noted ‘repeated and incessant admonition’ from his family.

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