Godowsky: Piano Music

Godowsky: Piano Music

Rian De Waal (piano)


The present recital offers a representative cross-section of Godowsky’s art, comprising two of his original works (one of enormous challenges, the other of poetical simplicity and directness) and five transcriptions (they all happen to be of work by Schubert and are unsurpassed examples of his genius in this field). In addition, there are two … well, what are they to be called? His arrangement of Invitation to the Dance is more elaborate than a transcription and thus was published by Godowsky as a ‘Contrapuntal Paraphrase’; in turn, his treatment of themes from Artist’s Life embraces more than the term ‘contrapuntal paraphrase’ describes. Neither can be called original compositions, any more than one could say Reminiscences of Don Juan, for example, is an original work by Liszt.

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