British Light Music Classics, Vol. 2

British Light Music Classics, Vol. 2

New London Orchestra, Ronald Corp (conductor)


British Light Music Classics 1 (CDA66868) was one of the best-selling CDs of 1996 and put lots of smiles on people's faces. In fact it is still—late January—in the charts. Its success has inspired this second disc which contains another 20 well-known favourites spanning the century, the earliest being Bucalossi's Grasshopper's Dance from 1905 and Herman Finck's In the Shadows from 1910. Once again many of the pieces will be familiar as radio and TV signature tunes—to 'Down Your Way', 'Dr Finlay's Casebook', 'TV Newsreel', 'The Archers' and, from the 1940s, 'In Town Tonight', the first broadcast of which brought tens of thousands of requests to the BBC for the name of the introductory music, Eric Coates's march Knightsbridge.

Volume 1 was also praised for its sound. Like that one, this volume was recorded by ace engineer Tony Faulkner. Altogether another very happy record and certain to be one of 1997's best sellers.

All of the music on this album is also available as part of the specially priced box set British Light Music Classics: ‘Golden nostalgia with fidelity to a long departed but by many still cherished past. Riches indeed!’ (MusicWeb International).

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