Fraser-Simson: The Maid of the Mountains

Fraser-Simson: The Maid of the Mountains

New London Orchestra, Ronald Corp (conductor)


Our recording of The Geisha, issued in January 1999, produced an enormous approving postbag from which we discovered that there is still a strong affection for English musical comedies from the early years of the last century. Encouraged by its success we have now recorded The Maid of the Mountains, the smash hit of 1917. A more romantic tale than The Geisha, it has probably even more 'hit' numbers, the most famous of which are A bachelor gay ('At seventeen he falls in love quite madly …'), Love will find a way ('Whate'er befall, I still recall that sunlit mountainside, where hearts are true, and skies are blue, and love's the only guide'), Husbands and wives and A paradise for two. There are also humorous interludes from Richard Suart (I understood and Dirty work). Altogether well over an hour's worth of tuneful and good-natured entertainment with a strong cast directed by the master of English light music, Ronald Corp.

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