Schubert: Piano Trio D929

Schubert: Piano Trio D929

The Florestan Trio


The Florestan Trio follow up their hugely successful release of Schubert's B flat trio (CDA67273) with this stunning performance of the E flat trio. In an article in The Guardian recently, pianist Susan Tomes talked of the recording sessions, during which there were many discussions about performing "the most monumental work in our repertoire". The result, according to Ms Tomes, is a portrait of the Florestans painting a portrait of Schubert.

Schubert dedicated the work to 'nobody save those who find pleasure in it'. The first movement is strongly rhythmic, the second is infused with an emotive Swedish folksong melody. The tempo of this movement was determined some twenty years ago, when it occurred to Ms Tomes during a winter walk that her footsteps trudging through the snow were exactly the right tempo for the opening chords. The Scherzo incorporates a caressing waltz and a lusty peasant dance.

The work's length proved challenging for publishers and so Schubert consented to cut 98 bars from the final movement. The Florestan Trio offer both versions on this disc, providing a rare chance to hear the original, much longer version in all its glory.

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